paper kissed by creativity.

Hofkissed uses high quality products to create unique designs. Greeting cards is a specialty, but you'll find lots of other awesome stuff here too!

These are not your typical store-bought cards. They are handmade with care & attention to detail. These are products you'd proudly display in your home and show off to visitors. Cards you'd keep in a keepsake box or frame as an art piece. These are cards that when purchased, help support a family and not a "big" business. 

Did you know that you can also customize any of the designs (adding a name or an age, for example), or have a custom card made at no extra charge? You can't find that service in any of the card stores!


Owner & Designer

Steph is the creative mastermind behind Hofkissed. She started the company in 2005 with a life-long passion for stationery and paper crafts. The name has a personal connection too, derived from her nickname "Hof" and maiden name Hoefkes (pronounced Hof-kiss).

Live in and around Guelph? Arrange for free delivery or pick-up. Just send me a message!